Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Danie van Wyk Art


danie van wyk acrylic painting art
"Umbrellas in the rain"

Questions put to the artist...

- Information about the style of work you create?

The paintings reflects my mood like it does for most I suppose, sometimes realistic, sometimes dark, sometimes abstract & sometimes a mix - it is the viewer that decides how the painting effects his or her influence.

acrylic painting
"Standing in the cold rain"

- What materials do you use?
Acrylic paints with thin brushes on canvas

Amazing Sunset - acrylic painting by danie van wyk
"Amazing Sunset"

I like to finish with a mixed layer of matt & gloss varnish to bring out the colours and protect the painting.

danie van wyk acrylic painting art
"Sunset Bistro"

- Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes it is what someone says in a conversation that makes me think: "That is something I should try and put on canvass."

proteas acrylic painting

- What are your intentions for the work?

Coming to terms with who I am I suppose - there is this saying that life is finding out who you really are and then learning how to cope with that person.

GSM stretch canvas - 100_ pure cotton painted by Danie van Wyk
"Shopping early evening in the rain"

There are also inherent aspects to visual self-expression that evoke emotions and a sense of creative agency and searching in ourselves

acrylic painting artist studio
"Umbrellas in the Rain - Dark" 

- Which other artists or movements influence your work?

No artist in particular, I recently completed an Honours Degree in Philosophy and it is this discipline or search for all our questions which drew me to art, art has shown through the ages to be the catalyst for many philosophical changes in society and a reflection of the actual state of mind of the collective. 

Rainy late afternoon out  - size 30'' x 40'' (762mm x 1016mm)Original acrylic paintings on 380 GSM stretch canvas - 100% pure cotton
"Rainy late afternoon out"

One can tell the conscientiousness of an age by studying the art of that time in human history - colours, texture, backgrounds all tell a story specific to history.

Acrylic Painting "Papawers in die veld"
"Papawers in die veld"